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Mini Chocolate Cupcake Gems

chocolate mini cupcakes

I’ve tried being good about eating healthy and trying to keeping my distance from the sweets, but with this month being being so close to the holidays. But when the treats are this small, they barely have any calories or fat grams, right? I began falling off the wagon around mid-December as soon as I made these. I had forgotten just how (more…)

Almond Lace Cookies

chocolate lace cookies

Shortly before Christmas, I was invited to a holiday cookie exchange and needed to bring a batch of holiday cookies that were pretty special and was not allowed to come out of a box or a tube. I started looking through my recipes and realized I had previously made some oatmeal lace cookies, but I just happened to have a large bag of (more…)

Evolved Chili with Fixins’

January 15th, 2012 | Soups/Stews, Weeknight Recipes | No Comments
chili with all the fixings

I had been making chili for quite a while and each time I made it I would add another ingredient that I really liked. I think I started with a basic recipe for chili con carne and the following is what I ended up with and use faithfully about once a month. The first thing I did was change the beans to black beans. I’m not exactly sure why, but I adore (more…)

Shrimp Pad Thai

December 12th, 2011 | Main Courses, Not So Ordinary | No Comments
shrimp pad thai

This is one of my favorite recipes because I absolutely adore Pad Thai, and I was hooked since the first time I tried it at a little local restaurant, Thai Luang. After also sampling it at a couple of other Thai restaurants I was hooked and was determined to learn how to recreate it at home. I found and tried several recipes and sort of “averaged” the (more…)

Chili Salmon with Peach Salsa

November 20th, 2011 | Main Courses, Super Quick & Easy | No Comments
chili salmon with salsa

I was recently telling a work colleague about how much I love to cook and bake, but just not on weeknights. I don’t have the countless hours to putz around in the kitchen like I used to “BK” (before kids!) Gone are the days when I could spend an entire Saturday afternoon on one single (but fabulous) dessert, and then graciously accept (more…)

Flourless Chocolate Cake

November 15th, 2011 | Baking, Desserts & Other Sweets | 1 Comment

This is probably the most decadent cake I’ve ever made and it never fails to garner lots of compliments and is also gluten-free (one more reason to indulge!) The first time I made it I just added the eggs whole, and thought it was absolutely delicious, it was also very dense and it was not easy to eat more than a very small piece. I couldn’t (more…)

Taco Rice


When my two stepkids, Dave and Jen, were little they were quite the picky eaters and I was the new stepmom with no clue how to get those little buggers to eat. So I tried a variety of different dishes with the hopes of getting them to try something other than grilled cheese sandwiches or frozen fish sticks. Sometimes I was successful but most of the time not so much. (more…)

The Caterpillar Cake

caterpillar Cake

When our youngest son was preschool age, my favorite term of endearment for him was “little bug”. So when I was trying to come up with a theme for his 3rd birthday it was a no-brainer to throw a “Little Bug” party. This nickname was one of the first things he objected to when the pre-pube hormones first appeared, but I think (more…)

“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can
stop after eating one peanut.” ~ Channing Pollock